Validating technique in psychology

20-Jan-2018 23:02

CMN-GOMS, KLM and NGOMSL assume that all of the operators occur in sequence and do not contain operators that are below the activity level.CPM-GOMS being the fourth method uses operators at the level of Model Human Processor which assumes that operators of the cognitive processor, perceptual processor, and the motor processor can work in parallel to each other.There are several different GOMS variations which allow for different aspects of an interface to be accurately studied and predicted.For all of the variants, the definitions of the major concepts are the same.

The nature of unobservable operators is another important difference.

User personalities, habits or physical restrictions (for example disabilities) are not accounted for in any of the GOMS models. Recently some extensions of GOMS were developed, that allow to formulate GOMS models describing the interaction behavior of disabled users.

Basically there are four different GOMS models: the Keystroke-Level Model, CMN-GOMS, NGOMSL and CPM-GOMS.

With KLM the analyst must specify the method used to accomplish each particular task instance.

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Furthermore, the specified methods are limited to being in sequence form and containing only keystroke-level primitive operators.

The operators are specific steps that a user performs and are assigned a specific execution time.

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