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This story from the Baylor paper quotes a Gretchen Forward (Gretchen's maiden name) and would put her as a freshman there in 1996 (which makes sense since Gretchen is 30 and would have been 18 in 1996). The last name Rossi comes from her previous marriage to Chris Rossi, who she divorced in 2007.

Gretchen's official website says that she and Jeff only dated for a year before he proposed to her in December of 2008, after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Well, finally Gretchen and Jay will be facing-off in a civil trial that could get very interesting!

The National Enquirer (a more reliable source than you’d think) is reporting that Jay’s attorneys recently deposed Gretchen and she changed her story about when she allegedly met Jay.

It doesn't appear that he and Gretchen made it to the altar.

Jeff and Gretchen divided their time between Orange County and Jeff's home of Michigan: when Gretchen donated money to the Rudy Guiliani presidential campaign in 2007, she did so under a Michigan address. Gretchen does have a real estate license that expires next year.

Her fiancee Jeff Beitzel was the COO of Quantum Fuel System Technologies Worldwide.

He made over a million dollars a year in that position, according to Forbes. He died on September 13, 2008 at the age of 54 after losing his battle to leukemia.

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Thus began the long drawn-out court battle between Jay and Gretchen over defamation, etc.

He asked that she quit working to take care of him and supported her in exchange.

I can understand this: being a full time caretaker of a terminally ill person really is a full time job.

Jeff received medical care at City of Hope hospital in Orange County; the reason why Gretchen became primary care taker. She is still listed as an agent at her company, Surterre Properties.

She doesn't appear to have any active listings at the moment.The rumor around the forums is that they started dating while Rossi was still married to her husband, when she and Jeff met in 2005.