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A version of that canonization process is still in place.

Recent popes are known for canonizing in large numbers: John Paul II canonized 482 saints – more than the 300 or so canonizations in the previous 600 years.

Martyrs require the posthumous performance of one miracle to be declared a saint.

Before 1983, confessors required four; now they require two. 1978) are all in some stage of the canonization process.

Attorney Gualberto Garcia Jones, who represents the Holy See Mission in its role of observer nation to the Organization of American States (OAS), writes at Life Site News the Senate will gain its most consistent advocate for life and family issues if Moore is elected on December 12 to Alabama’s Senate seat vacated by now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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This evolves into an animal soul later in gestation. This latter event, called "ensoulment," was believed to occur at 40 days after conception for male fetuses, and 90 days after conception for female fetuses.The Democratic Senate candidate recently told MSNBC he is a “right-to-lifer” — once a baby is born.

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In 2014, the Whitney, the museum that gave Koons a huge jolt of artistic inspiration as a student, held a retrospective of his body of work, the first to do so.… continue reading »

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I am now informing the agency and will see what their reaction is.… continue reading »

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