Paranoid schizophrenia and dating

04-Feb-2018 01:30

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Psychosis is a mental disorder where a person loses the capacity to tell what’s real from what isn’t.

They may believe or sense things that aren’t real, and become confused or slow in their thinking.

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The following changes are much stronger indicators of psychosis: If untreated, these symptoms can develop into a full psychotic episode.It’s also common to believe you’re receiving special messages or codes — like in TV shows, songs or advertising.People with psychosis sometimes believe they have special abilities, are unusually important, or are powerful figures, like Jesus or the US President.If you think you or someone you know might be experiencing these changes in their thinking or behaviour now, see a doctor immediately.

The best place to start in getting a diagnosis is your GP.

In most cases, psychosis is experienced as an ‘episode’: a period of acute symptoms like delusions and hallucinations.