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14-Sep-2017 11:53

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Granted, your always going to get the egotistical characters trying to establish a career from reality TV. These are all dating programmes that try to play cupid by setting up “meaningful” relationships, relationships that never last. You have thirty women standing behind buzzers, a man comes down a lift onto the stage, and the women keep their lights on until the mans “embarrassing” and “braggadocio” behaviour is enough.Yet, scratch beneath the surface however and you have pure, emotional humans looking for the desirable feeling we all crave. If the man has lights on at the end of the final round, he gets to elect his chosen one.Apps, online dating, TV reality and social status all supply our fabricated needs, but at what cost?Conventional methods have been abandoned and replaced with “Netfix & Chill”, inflicting death to courtship.

It can be nerve-wracking the first time you venture out into the recesses of a four star restaurant with a new boyfriend in tow and the writers at Ask have compiled a list to take your evening down a notch or two on the awkward list with their anti-romantic dinners.

In reality, the guy on the platform singing a song with his guitar is just cliché. As soon as somebody mentions reality TV dating we cringe.

Some find it fascinating and recognise it as TV entertainment.

Our frivolous opinions are irrelevant, and can prevent others from being happy.

It’s a hard task, albeit we are living in a complicated dating civilisation that is so problematic.

And as Valentine’s Day adds boundless pressure, alongside the daunting realism of ending up alone, we don’t have much choice other than to carry on our pursuit.