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21-Nov-2017 01:07

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Originating live for the first time in its history, Monday night’s (July 11) event in New York City paid homage to the female pioneers, trailblazers and trend-setters who led a movement and infiltrated the ranks of the male-dominated genre to make their voices heard and still do today.

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After one of her fans pointed out that the budding Nigerian artiste is the originator of the dance.I'm fine with who I am and secure as the woman and artist. Spiritually, mentally, I'm just in this whole other place, and I'm excited and I'm ready for whatever is to come.What did you listen to for inspiration when making this third album? I listened to D' Angelo, Al Green and Bilal and a lot of my gospel quartet. I've been at that point where I really wanted to listen to soulful stuff or older stuff and be inspired. "She broke into the rap industry on talent and creativity, and she was never stifled despite being a darker, bigger woman."As forever fans of Elliott, we couldn't agree more with Henry and her numerous Internet supporters.

It all started last Friday when a Twitter user I follow, Janeshia Henry, a.k.a. "That baffled me because, in my eyes, she is a legend," Henry says. ) I would like to go ahead and request blue and brown lipsticks, frosted glosses, spiky false lashes, and an eye shadow complete with all the foiled metallics and smoky shades any Missy Elliott-loving heart could ever want for the M. That's so romantic of Missy Elliot. Naija musicians dey try rep wella overseas but dat doesn't mean i ll start listenin' to 'em music ..