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Most retail stores are open throughout the day, however many service shops close for lunch between and during the week.

Most stores, including grocery stores, do not stay open past on weekdays, past on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays, so plan wisely to avoid frustration.

A then 18-year-old Eriksen was a part of that squad who got knocked out in the first round but he is now determined to perform on such a stage as he comes into his prime at 25. It’s about keeping the tempo for us and taking the chances we do get.

“I think it would be,” the playmaker said when asked whether this would eclipse his club’s win over Real.

Shops open on Sunday Open Monday-Sunday are Migros at the Airport (till ) and Migros at Gare Cornavin (till , parking at Gare Cornavin parking garage).

Smaller selection of foods and groceries is to be found at Migrolino's gas stations.

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Handbags run a close second to shoes as the most popular leather items for sale.“Every player wants to send their country to a World Cup. While he refused to blame Ireland’s defensive approach, he did say that it would make them all the more “scared” of Denmark getting the “big hit” of an away goal on Tuesday in Lansdowne Road. At home, they might be a bit more adventurous with the fans at their back, but I don’t think it will change too much. “They were the away team, they wanted to stop us from scoring. Designer retail stores and world famous watchmakers line the streets packed with window shoppers.

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Often resembling a fashion runway, the area is also great for people watching.Satoriz Bio Shop Popular healthy shop including all kinds of bio eco products and famers produce such as fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruits and nuts, milk, cheese, bread.