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It’s a collaboration of personalities and ideas that makes a character get stronger throughout the season.AE: Can you give me an example of an idea you’ve contributed that’s been incorporated into the show? KM: A few things I’ve been surprised by, but not many.

Holloman was taller than I expected, lanky and casually elegant in her jeans and boots, and I remembered why I was an instant Tina fan the first season of the show.

After a quick jaunt to the suburbs to watch the shooting of the scene, I was hustled to a nearby backyard to interview Hailey and Moennig.

Hailey patiently jotted some notes in a journal and Moennig enjoyed a popsicle while I struggled with a recalcitrant voice recorder.

KM: When our character meets someone —LH: We really want to milk it. LH: They have a lot of stories they want to tell, so get ’em in, get ’em out.

KM: There was also a huge revolving door of characters for awhile too, and there’s only so much you can throw into a space.

People’s arcs aren’t really that huge unless you get on an amazing show like .