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25-Dec-2017 19:27

On Tuesday, Fox News was forced to retract an explosive report that claimed Rich was behind the email leak – a claim that caused many to speculate he may have been assassinated for political reasons.

Fox News pulled the article and said in a statement that the story did not meet its editorial standards.

Rich’s family says it has seen no evidence that Rich leaked information to Wikileaks, nor that this had any connection to his death last July. No valuables were stolen from him, and police do not appear to have any suspects.The report revived speculation about Rich's unsolved murder – including a persistent internet theory that he was assassinated because he had been passing on sensitive DNC information to Wikileaks.Rich, 27, was killed in the early morning hours of July 10 in northwest Washington, D. He was shot twice in the back on a deserted street corner near his home by two assailants who took nothing from him and fled the scene before cops arrived.According to Burkman, his team is currently looking into the theory that Russian agents may have been behind Rich's death.'We had [a former U. intelligence officer] approach us and say that the Russians did it.

So we're looking into connections between Seth and the Russians.He said he doubts the murder was a botched robbery, noting that nothing was stolen from Rich.