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21-Jan-2018 17:29

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Edited by SWAN News Sex work is a relatively new phenomenon in Albania, dating from the early nineties.

According to some reports from Albanian police and juridical system, almost 70% of female sex workers in and from this country have been dragged into the business forcibly and/or by fraud, through marriages “for a better life” abroad.

Media reported police raids on brothels in Tirana and Korca in 2002-2003.

The prices vary from 1,500 (€12) to a few thousands Leke.

After 1990s, several developments occurred: • Sharp socio-economic changes took place following the collapse of the communist regime.

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They operate illegally and there are frequent media articles reporting police detecting brothels and arresting CSW.

We can infer that Albanian traditional tribal law is based on three to them characteristic aspects: blood revenge, subordination of woman and power given to the patriarch of the house.

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