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The last prime minister elected by an outright majority was Stanley Baldwin, the Conservative Party leader, in 1931.In 2005, Tony Blair's Labour Party won just 35 percent of the vote but still controlled a 66-seat majority in the House of Commons. For most of the past century, British politics has been dominated by two parties, the left-wing Labour Party and the right-wing Conservative Party.The initial excavation was privately sponsored by the landowner.When the significance of the find became apparent, national experts took over.This means that a party can win a majority of seats in the Commons without achieving an overall majority in the overall popular vote.In fact, because there are three main parties in the UK it is extremely rare for a party to win an outright majority.

A third party, the centrist Liberal Democrats, usually picks up around 20 percent of votes but wins far fewer seats because it is squeezed between the two main parties.The site has been vital in understanding the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of East Anglia and the whole early Anglo-Saxon period.The ship-burial, probably dating from the early 7th century and excavated in 1939, is one of the most magnificent archaeological finds in England for its size and completeness, far-reaching connections, the quality and beauty of its contents, and the profound interest of the burial ritual itself.London, England (CNN) -- The United Kingdom votes on a new government May 6 through a political system that dates back centuries. A general election is when voters nationwide choose lawmakers who will sit in the House of Commons, the lower chamber which initiates and approves legislation.

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Instead the country's electoral system is based on a series of parliamentary acts dating back to the 17th century, when men wore the sort of tights and wigs still donned on ceremonial occasions by some officials of the Houses of Parliament.

The party will usually call another election within months in a fresh attempt to secure a majority. The last time this happened was in 1974, when an election in February resulted in a hung parliament.