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Before leaving Danville behind, Isabella returned to Maple Drive to say good-bye to her old crush (whom she was clearly still very interested in), when he revealed that during high school, he fell for her, but, much like she was, he was too afraid to admit his feelings.After learning she intends to attend Tri-State State, a school he was also considering heavily, he decided that he would go there once the term began two weeks later. ("Act Your Age") Isabella is cheerful, fearless, quick-thinking, sweet, optimistic,and easy to get along with.She is level-headed and responsible in the face of emergencies and dislikes being told what to do by anyone, with the exception of Phineas. One way her temper has been flared is when someone else uses her catchphrase; in such a scenario, she expresses annoyance and often confronts the violator physically. She has shown this when Phineas expressed seeing Meap as cute but not her ("The Chronicles of Meap"), and when her Li'l Sparks men-tee, Melissa, showed Candace more attention and admiration than she did with her.("We Call it Maze") Isabella has long, black hair with thin blue hi-lights, curtain-like bangs and a round bottom, an oval shaped head with a flat top, and dark blue eyes.The troop members are Gretchen, Milly, Ginger, Katie, Holly, and Adyson, with which she is considered not only a leader, but a great friend.

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When she was at work at her mom's restaurant, she wore a a light green dress, with a oxeye daisy on the chest with two green leaves on both sides, a blue belt, and her hair are still down in a ponytail, but with a light blue bow.

She wears different winter outfits when outside, but her most seen one is a purple hat with pale pink bow, purple coat, pale pink scarf (loose wrap), pale pink mittens, and white boots while outside in the snow.

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