Sex room lanka

16-Sep-2017 11:18

The former skipper’s milestone summed up India’s continued domination in the series as Sri Lanka once again suffered a collapse to be bowled out for 238.The hosts lost their last seven wickets for 53 runs and are now staring at a 5-0 whitewash at home for the first time ever.Two weeks ago, the navy mounted a similar operation in the same region to save a lone elephant washed five miles (eight kilometres) off the Sri Lankan coast into the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.The rescue, which took 12 hours was hailed as a 'miraculous escape' for the giant mammal.The 23-year-old Patidar leader from Gujarat was seemingly caught in a compromising position with a woman in the tape. In an interview with , the Patidar leader said, "These are videos that have been created with a man who resembles me.

Dhoni reached the landmark during the 45th over of the Sri Lankan innings.Recently, the wicketkeeper-batsman was in the news as there was speculation over his chances to make it to the 2019 World Cup squad.However, thanks to his performances in the series, his chances of being part of Virat Kohli’s side for the mega-event have increased.Can they run the risk of being branded a vile hypocrite just to score a cheap political point over a 23-year-old? He should just continue saying what he has been; claim there is nothing wrong or immoral about premarital sex. It's not criminalised by the law or the courts, and is being practiced behind closed doors by pretty much everybody.

By coming out and accepting this, he could be taking first dibs on a political stand which currently has nobody around it.

If they suffer a whitewash with this scoreline, their chances of automatic qualification for the 2019 World Cup will take a hit.