Be less intimidating

21-Jun-2017 23:37

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That hack is: Whether it’s greeting the barista at a café, looking at the person as they enter the same elevator as me or being introduced to a new group of people, the simple act of making eye contact and smiling (for a brief moment) will make all the difference in how you are perceived. A 2010 study at Uppsala University in Sweden confirmed that other people’s smiles actually suppress the control we usually have over our facial muscles, compelling us to smile.

They also showed that it’s very difficult to frown when looking at someone who smiles. Because smiling is evolutionarily contagious and we have a subconscious innate drive to smile when we see one.

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I’m the type of person that is proud of my height and not for a second do I feel bad about it.My mom met a guy a month ago and she brought him over to meet my sister and I last week. He told my mom he was scared of me, and that I look intimidating. Okay I'm pretty,smart, nice, bubbly, sassy, outgoing, athlete, artsy girl with a little bit of attitude. I used to think that it was just me but now I'm not s0o0o sure.

One of my close guy friends told me that he would never approach me and when I asked him why he said that he it was because I was a little intimidating and also because I am really pretty .Dr Kalashnikova said: 'Raising and lowering our larynx to change the appearance of our vocal tract size is not something that humans do, but it’s also done by other animals.'Small animals lower their larynx to sound larger and scarier, and thus scare off potential predators.'Larger animals raise their larynx to sound smaller and less threatening.