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Improvement is considered to have occurred when household income rises in real terms irrespective of what is happening to the incomes of other households.

The median is a more stable measure of household incomes than the mean.

The second group of indicators track progress toward goals to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all, and promote peaceful and inclusive societies.

This section of the child poverty monitor presents data on children aged 0–17 years living in households with low incomes, using the equivalised income of the household that includes the child.

This is a serious lack in official data to measure indicators of income poverty.

Medical conditions with a social gradient include respiratory and communicable diseases such as asthma, bronchiolitis and gastroenteritis.

Household income is one measure commonly used to monitor child poverty.

The income resources of a household are a major factor likely to influence a child’s wellbeing, positively or negatively.This type of measure is also called moving-line or relative approach.