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22-Nov-2017 16:59

Laid back, comfortable, and chic – can’t be mad at that! Both Mike and I are still adjusting to the back-to-back-to-back wet days, but rather than sulk, I’m fully embracing it.You will be learning practical tools to embody greater physical and mental wellbeing - you will be educating yourself and acquire skills that will stay with you for life, constantly deepening and widening your own ability to mend yourself as well as prevent possible injuries.But this is learning in a whole new fun, engaging, interactive and playful way.It's an holistic learning in which I will guide you, with my words and my hands, and you will begin to build a greater awareness of the excess tension you are holding physically and mentally.We work in movement and also on a table (like a massage table).I am passionate about working with you in areas of your life where you would like to know how it is applied.You will gradually become increasingly aware of previously unconscious habits that no longer serve you, and as you let them go, you come back to your natural state of greater wellbeing and flow on every level.

You can book now, or via email: [email protected] call me on 077900 36650 to book today.

This chambray version is a bit oversized, but it really doesn’t matter because it feels like I’m wearing pajamas.