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I was there to renew my passport and she was going through the bit on the form on spouse details. “But how does it compare to being married to an African? You can compare,” she said, as if I’m married to my father.

She went on, blinking her eyes and laughing: “I hear Europeans kiss a lot, buy you flowers, spend hours looking at you, staring into your eyes.” I looked at her cheeky face across the counter, bemused. But I had always hoped to marry from outside my tribe, after all, my middle name means “of outside,” and I would be living up to it. Let’s give credit where it is due: I don’t think there are men in Kenya that can sweet talk a woman better than a Luo man. Before I married my husband, we worked together on the same research group. But I had no idea that dating a white guy on the Kenyan coast was such a minefield.

Sometimes we promptly left the restaurant, other times we could not be bothered.

The waiters would ask my husband what it was that I was going to eat. I was invisible to them; he had to keep telling them to ask me what I wanted.

Hello, I am a 20-something Canadian male from Toronto area working in Kenya. What does it mean if she has/has not introduced me to any of her friends.

I've been here a number of months and recently met a Kenyan girl.

I knew she had been seriously worried when I saw the relief on her face after she had talked to him, both communicating in broken English and Swahili.

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you are going to eat alone, don’t be selfish”, others added.

We began to notice the “sinners’ corner” which was reserved for mixed couples.

The age difference between the white men and the black girls was roughly 40 years.

As for relationships, is it common for a girl to have several 'boyfriends' at once?

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” a lady at the counter of the immigration office in Mombasa asked me. “I have never been married to an African.” “But you watched your father.

If I was driving into some hotels, I would be stopped at the entrance and questioned at length.