Rails schema rb not updating dating source code

12-Jan-2018 11:57

Also writing the code in one file may lead to the mess.

Of course you may create your own dependent files and then load them in the file but anyway you have to worry about what to do on second run. For example create rake tasks, of even going to production console and write code there after deploying (I hope you don’t do it).

Change database schema in tests is not good idea, isn’t it?

So if you have these problems this gem is what you are looking for.

At this point the best solution that I know is to just remove all the old migrations.

rails schema rb not updating-76

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It’s really useful as a reference (did I call the report field name or title?It will increase downtime of your application what is not acceptable for a production ready application with many real clients.So if you have such type application then, please, don’t use this gem.It will be broken because at those moment we won’t have without the namespace. To be honest this solution doesn’t have disadvantages except a few. And as a result requires more time to write the code.

Besides of this Rails developers don’t prefer to write raw SQL because if you want to migrate through Postgre SQL to My SQL for example you may have to fix much raw SQL code.Then you have to go through all your models and change actual data according this new schema. But what will be with this migration in one week when we run it on the production server?